Crystals for the new year

Crystals for the new year

Crystals for the new year

Which crystals are you all currently reaching for?

Whilst I’ve been glad for a break over new year, I’m pleased to being back to the warehouse today for some normality, armed with and reaching for rose quartz.

Renowned for being the stone of love and compassion, rose quartz is seen as a powerful ally in setting intentions, fostering self-love, and inviting positive energy into your life (yes please to a bit of that!).

As the start of a new calendar and business year, I’m setting intentions for personal growth, love, and overall well-being (health is true wealth after all).  Catching up today after three days off has been a challenge, however, I instantly feel calmed just by looking at rose quartz, (mainly because I love pink and find it is such a gentle crystal).

As well as continuing to incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine.  I am also using crystals to visualise and set intentions. 

For the last three days, I’ve taken the time each morning and night to hold a piece of raw rose quartz in my hands, gently closing my eyes, and taking ten deep breaths.  Then visualising my goals and intentions for 2024, surrounded by a warm, loving light as I infuse my intentions into the rose quartz.  A process which is said can help amplify intentions and create a positive foundation for the months ahead.

New Year resolutions tend to be around change & self-improvement, goals which must always be based on self-love.  Rose quartz is renowned for its ability to open the heart chakra, encouraging compassion and love towards oneself.  Today let's all take a moment to reflect on our achievements, no matter how small, and appreciate the person you are today (you are amazing!).

Carry a small rose quartz crystal in your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewellery (I’m doing both) to remind yourself of the love and kindness you deserve.

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