The Distinction Crystals Story

distinction crystals story

The Distinction Crystals & Fossils story begun in April 2014 from a love of crystals & fossils and a mission to offer excellence & high-quality pieces to avid collectors like us.

Established as an online multi-channel retail business offering a large range of exquisite and unique crystals & fossils, we shortly expanded to opening of a beautiful crystal shop in a grade II listed building in the heart of the quaint village of Caerleon until 2019 prior to moving to a 4000 sq ft warehouse. 

Following our move, we focused on the increasing demand for the online business and solidified our close business relationships with our extensive network of worldwide crystal partners who are carefully chosen by us inherent with our core business values. 

In 2021 we acquired a 2nd warehouse and diversified by launching Distinction Crystals Wholesale bringing the crystals we love to a wider market suppling high quality bulk crystals to crystal shops and retailers worldwide.   

Since 2022 we have continued to specialise in and develop our range of premium large crystals.

In 2023 Distinction Crystals proudly became an Industry Partner of The British Institute of Interior Design, the UK’s only professional Institute for Interior Designers in the UK.

During the start of 2024 we launched our crystal wholesale website extending our b2b wholesale offering alongside warehouse visits & video calls.

April 2024 - we celebrated 10 years of Distinction Crystals.

May 2024 - Distinction Crystals ® officially registered as a trademarked name.

The rest of our story currently remains unwritten.

Today as we celebrate a decade since the Distinction Crystals story began, we are a brand recognised for a range of premium and large crystals by tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

Whilst over the years the crystal side of the business has taken over, we will always stock a range of fossils simply because we adore them and they have been an integral part of building Distinction Crystals.


Our Product Values

At Distinction Crystals, we take great pride in our commitment to our core product values that lie at the very heart of everything we do when we procure our crystals.  These three core values are the pillars that uphold Distinction Crystals, offering excellence, customer satisfaction, and responsible business practices.

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    At Distinction we like to do things a little differently and ensure our distinctive crystals stand out.  Whilst we have a huge range of beautiful unique crystals available in an array of shapes, colours and sizes, we have a passion for  exquisite large crystals which we specialise in.  

    The quartz featured is the largest crystal we currently stock, weighing in at just over an incredible half a tonne.

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    Knowing where our crystals come from and the conditions in which they are obtained is incredibly important to us as individuals and collectively as a business.  We only deal with suppliers directly at source and undertake on-site visits/audits as often as possible, along with regular video call meetings, as integral part of our business and ESG strategy.  All workers involved in our supply chain receive a higher than local average minimum wage and work within safe/hygienic working conditions.

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    We pride ourselves in ensuring all of our Crystals are of the highest quality.  

    We have invested a lot of time to build relationships with and work closely with our suppliers to carefully curate all of our Crystals to ensure they meet our high-level of Distinction standards.