The Large Crystal Specialist

Be Bold. Make a Statement. With our range of Large Crystals.

Whilst we admire all of our crystals at Distinction, we have always had a personal passion for unique quality large crystals. 

Over the years we have incorporated our ardour into Distinction Crystals by specialising and developing a huge range of unique large statement crystals which are guaranteed to be the focal and talking point once incorporated into any space or interior design project.  

The selection of large crystals we currently have available online is only a small selection of our large crystals range, which includes giant crystal spheres, huge crystal bowls, large crystals on revolving display stands and huge freestanding crystals (weighing over 600kg in size). 

If you would like to arrange a video viewing before investing in one of our large crystals or if there is a special large crystal you are looking to source which may not be on our online store, please contact us.

Large Crystals of Distinction