The Ultimate Crystal Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Crystal Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas 2023 gift a crystal as unique as the person you are gifting.
At Distinction whilst we adore all of our crystals, we’ve handpicked our Top Five crystal gift idea’s for crystal lovers this Christmas 2023, chosen in no particular order starting with.........

Crystal Jewellery of Distinction

rare ammolite crystal gemstone prosperity stone unique investment crystal gift special crystal enthusiasts luxury

A perfect crystal gift this Christmas – choose a favourite crystal/birthstone or one which aesthetically resonates with you and the recipient. 
Our jewellery of Distinction range includes a range of carefully curated crystal pendants, each presented on a silver chain and displayed in a gift box.  All individually chosen by Distinction for their uniqueness, beauty and quality.

The Ammolite ‘Seven-Colour Prosperity Stone’ 

rare ammolite crystal gemstone collector crystal christmas gifts
Known as the generation gemstone, Ammolite is an exclusive gemstone which is extremely rare and extraordinarily precious.
Ammolite is assured to be mined out in the next ten years which makes it a fantastic special gift this Christmas as an investment piece. 
Available in collector pieces and jewellery. 

The Agate Crystal Slices

pink agate crystal slice christmas gifts
Available in natural colours or vibrant tones, the versatility and multi-functionality of each agate slice is endless sprinkled with a little festive creativity.
To name a few:
Coasters (for added glamour add gold leaf to the edges) – stack and wrap in twine for added gift presentation value.
Christmas tree decorations/cards.
Art – when placed in a picture frame.
Personalisation – write a personal message on the slice to gift or even use as a unique table name card for your family on Christmas day which your guests can take home and treasure. 
Each of our agate slices have been expertly cut from a large agate geode by highly experienced stonemasons direct from Brazil. 

The Statement Amethyst Crystal Wings

large giant amethyst crystal wings statement crystals ultimate christmas gift unique 
As far as statement crystal pieces go, it doesn’t get much better or luxurious than a set of amethyst wings. 
The stunning wings featured are set one of 12 pairs we currently have available – if you would like to view all options available please contact us for more details.

The Crystal Heart

unique crystal gifts for loved ones heart christmas gift
The ultimate declaration of love this Christmas forever captured & symbolised in a crystal heart.
The Distinction range of crystal hearts come in a huge range of various sizes from small handheld ones starting at £4.50 to giant crystal hearts weighing over 390kg available in a range of crystal types.


 Remember, if you are unable to find the perfect crystal online or require guidance in selecting the perfect crystal gift this Christmas, please get in touch.   Our online selection of crystals is just a glimpse of our extensive range and we would love to assist you making this holiday season truly magical with the perfect crystal gift.

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