Collection: Ammolite Gemstone

Presenting a very special new range at Distinction Crystals.

"The Ammolite Collection"

Seven Colour Prosperity Stone

As rare as they are beautiful, all Ammolite gems are one of a kind - unique in brilliance, colour and pattern.

Our jewellery and watch collection is graceful, elegant and luxurious, each design delicate and dignified that are unique, fashionable and dazzling.  All our Ammolite products add a finishing touch to any wardrobe for the distinguished customer that would like to own something truly unique and precious.

Extraordinary skills and meticulous attention to detail is applied to the design and creation of each individual piece of jewellery, which is timeless and embodies a vision of luxury.  Each Ammolite is hand selected and hand fishiness to exacting standards by craftsman that bring each piece to life and maximises its natural beauty.  

In addition to the new jewellery and watch range, we also have a large selection of individual collector pieces of various sizes, natural on matrix which have been stabilised in resin to protect the fragile nature of the thin Ammolite layer.