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5) Very Large Natural Black Obsidian Crystal Freeform

5) Very Large Natural Black Obsidian Crystal Freeform

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Extra Large Natural Black Obsidian (Volcanic Glass) Natural Freeform

Natural black obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms when molten lava cools rapidly. It is composed mainly of silica and is known for its smooth, glassy texture. The deep black color of obsidian is a result of the presence of iron and other impurities.

This deep black crystal with a mesmerizing sheen, has been revered for centuries for its mystical properties and elegant beauty. It is believed to possess powerful metaphysical properties that can help you tap into your inner strength and unleash your true potential. It is often associated with protection, grounding, and healing. Along with an ability to absorb negative energy and promote emotional well-being which makes it a perfect crystal to have at your home in addition to it being aesthetically pleasing.

Whist we have smaller pieces available we have sourced a limited number of these beautiful larger statement pieces direct from Brazil. This crystal is circa H 60 x 17 x 27 cm in size weighing 39.8kg.

You will receive the exact piece pictured.

Due to this piece being a natural glass, please take care if touching as some of the edges may be very sharp.

We are a large crystal specialist and have a large range of unique premium statement crystals which are guaranteed to the be the focal and talking point once incorporated into any space.
If you have any questions please get in touch - we love talking crystals! Distinction ~ “Excellence that sets someone or something apart from others.”
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