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Large Kambaba Crocodile Jasper Crystal Palmstone - Gallet Madagascar

Large Kambaba Crocodile Jasper Crystal Palmstone - Gallet Madagascar

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The Kambaba Jasper Palmstone

Have you ever come across a gemstone that exudes an air of mystery and elegance? Look no further and hold one of these captivating Kambaba Jasper palmstones.

This beautiful crystal also known as crocodile jasper, encapsulates unique patterns and rich history. Displaying mesmerizing deep green colour, adorned with intricate black swirls, resembles a lush forest seen from above. This captivating pattern is a result of fossilized algae and other organic matter that existed millions of years ago in Madagascar, when the palmstones have been sourced and crafted to a high standard by local skilled artisans.

Legend has it that Kambaba Jasper holds ancient wisdom within its depths. It is believed to be a stone of tranquillity and peace, offering a sense of calmness and grounding to those who possess it. This gemstone is said to have the power to ward off negative energies and promote emotional healing.

Average palmstone size : 7 x 2 x 5 cm

You will receive 1 x palm stone similar as pictured

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