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Large Malachite Crystal Egg (#1)

Large Malachite Crystal Egg (#1)

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Large Malachite Crystal Egg

Elevate your crystal collection with our Large Malachite Crystal Egg, meticulously created by local artisans from the finest malachite.

Product Details:
• Size: Approximately 4.2 inches.

• Weight: 1.53kg

• Origin: Congo

• Finish: Expertly polished to a smooth, glossy surface


• Exceptional Quality: Crafted from premium-grade malachite, showcasing deep, rich green tones and unique swirling patterns that are distinctive to this mineral.

• Artisan Craftsmanship: Created by skilled artisans, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. The polishing process enhances the natural beauty and intricate details of the malachite.

• Generous Size: Measuring 4.2 inches and weighing 1.53 kg, this substantial malachite egg is ideal for displaying as a centrepiece in any collection or interior design setting.

You will receive the exact malachite crystal egg as pictured.


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