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Distinction Crystals

#5 The Revolving 'Portales De Amatista' Giant Amethyst Crystal

#5 The Revolving 'Portales De Amatista' Giant Amethyst Crystal

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The ‘Portales De Amatista’ is a grand unique ensemble of six magnificent Amethyst crystal portals, elegantly presented on a meticulously engineered stand which can revolve.

As the crystals gracefully rotate, they unveil an ever-changing tableau of the amethyst, captivating the senses and igniting the imagination.

Crafted in Brazil.

Height 175cm
Base: Dia 110cm,
Portals: Each circa 99x21x5.5cm

This piece is part of our exclusive Collection ‘X’ released in celebration of a decade of Distinction Crystals.

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