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Distinction Crystals

#6 The Giant 'Swirling Ammonites' Fossil Display Piece

#6 The Giant 'Swirling Ammonites' Fossil Display Piece

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The ‘Swirling Ammonites’ a breathtaking fusion of artistry and nature’s ancient treasures.

Expertly crafted from slices of over 1500 individual ammonite fossils, each whispering tales of ancient oceans and primordial landscapes meticulously polished and set into resin with the utmost precision.

With an impressive diameter of 120 cm, this ammonite masterpiece is a natural centre-piece whether embedded into a lavish floor, showcased as a striking display piece, or utilised as a magnificent tabletop.

This piece is part of our exclusive Collection ‘X’ released in celebration of a decade of Distinction Crystals.

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