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XL Large Uruguayan Natural Amethyst Crystal 112.4 KG

XL Large Uruguayan Natural Amethyst Crystal 112.4 KG

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The Extra Large Amethyst Crystal Statement Piece - Exceptional Grade & Colour - Perfect for Home Decor or Healing Spaces.

Transform your space with this stunning statement XL amethyst crystal.


  1. Impressive Size and Elegance: This extra-large amethyst crystal boasts a remarkable size, with naturally exposed cavities showcasing the natural beauty of the amethyst, creating an a distinctive decor centerpiece.
  2. Metaphysical Significance: Amethyst is revered for its purported healing properties, believed to promote tranquillity, spiritual growth, and mental clarity. It's often used in meditation or holistic healing practices.
  3. Statement Interior Holistic Natural Decor Piece: The extra large amethyst serves as an extraordinary focal point for any room at home &business,
  4. Versatile Display: Ideal for personal meditation spaces, healing/wellbeing centres, spas or as an eye-catching display in home decor, a unique conversation starter and a symbol of ethereal beauty.


  • Material: High-grade Uruguayan Amethyst Crystal
  • Size: H 59 x 57 x 24 cm
  • Weight:4kg
  • Shape: Freestanding
  • Finish: Natural
Due to the size of the amethyst crystal delivery will be arranged via pallet.

We are a large crystal specialist and have a large range of unique premium statement crystals which are guaranteed to the be the focal and talking point once incorporated into any space, including several other amethyst crystals available in this range of similar size/quality.

If you would like more details or have any questions please get in touch - we love talking crystals!

Distinction ~ “Excellence that sets someone or something apart from others.”



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